Home Kitchens


  • Straight bevel 
    • Under 10”  - $7
    • Over 10” - $9
  • Serrated bevels 
    • Under 10” - $12
    • Over 10” - $16


  •  $8 - $13


(Includes backlapping)
  • Less than 1” - $12
  • 1” - 2” - $14
  • 2” - 3” - $16
  • Over 3” - $18

We are pretty focused on knives, scissors and chisels. So, for everything else, contact us.

Rush Orders

It's amazing what we can make happen in a pinch for our customers, but rush orders may include a cost of 1.5x our normal rate to make that magic happen. So, we encourage you to plan no less than two weeks in advance for something you need sharpened by a specific date and time.

Commercial Kitchens

Sharp knives means happy employees, faster production, better presentation, and a safer work environment. So the goal should be knives that are consistently sharp at a level of sharpness preferred by kitchen staff. 

Also, the quality of the knife, ease of care and cleaning, sharing between staff, specified use, and control of cross contamination are all important.

Because any one or even all these variables can change from one commercial kitchen to the next, it’s best if we sit down with kitchen and financial decision makers for a FREE CONSULT.

Options include a knife exchange program for either knife sets you own, knife sets you rent from us, or knife sets you are “renting to own” from us.

** When you look at the history of knife sharpening, prices for this seriously necessary service have been stagnant for a very long time. Expect our prices to go up from time to time, usually annually, the first week of January.

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